Building the BlueNose II

by David W. Carnes (2006)
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Current Status- Decking

Doing Now - Check out

dec 20/06 - added planking to transom, Let glue Dry before contouring, check fitting of trnassom part 25, and Bulwarks. Start planning for Deck planking, waterways First ?
Smooothing transom at deck with wood filler. Pre-bend transom part 25.

Sanding Hull. Notched the blanks every 20 Feet (to scale) to simulate real planks.

Dry fitting the Transom. Added some wood filler to hull to create some vertical space to fit it to. Planning on Planking the lower transom to also create an area to mount the transom part (25) to. This part has been soaked and heat bent to the contour of the under deck. Felt this need to be ironed out before starting planking the deck.

Deck planking and then waterways, different than real pictures of Bluenose II. the Bulwarks are to be added after deck, and then waterwas would go on top of deck. This is not consistant with real boat. Real boat has the outer row of deack planking in black (painted, or darker wood) running around the outer edge, and then the deck planking meets up flush to this. More work, but I think it will be better.

If outer water ways go on first, cutting deck planks will be fun.. Deack first then trim it to make room for waterways in walnut ? Will See.

Updated Dec 19 2006